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No Matter Which Cell You Write, Save A1

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1 no matter which cell you write, save a1
2 excel operators hk
3 A1 when writing the date and time
4 Create a Content Table: Suppose you have over 100 worksheets in your workbook. And now it is hard to navigate. Do not worry that this macro code will save everything. When you run this code, you will create a new worksheet and create a & nbsp; will create a directory.
5 automatic image fetch
6 Highlight Specific Text: Suppose you have a large data set and want to control a specific value. You can use this code for this. When you run, you receive an input box to enter the value to search for.
7 excel fonts 2
8 Highlight Less Than Values: After running this code, you will want the value for which you want to highlight all low values.
9 send alert e-mail from microsoft outlook
10 hiding the desired sheet / page at opening save cancellation
11 listbox entry to new book
12 send list by excel
13 the closure of your book depends on the value of a cell
14 Write numbers to a1: a5 and warns c1 if their total is 100
15 Write numbers to a1: a5 and give warnings to c1 if their sum is not 100
16 Count / Highlight Cells with a Specific feature on the entire worksheet: This code will help you count the cells that have a specific value to mention, and then highlight all of those cells.
17 Create your own extensions and functions in excel
18 find and list them in a message
19 Create a user-defined menu / Create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "Extensions" section
20 deletes data