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1 set cell format
2 add zero after a comma
3 active cell printing
4 printing and prompting
5 right mouse on active sheet / page menu
6 Find and select the remaining cell in the value between 2 selected numbers
7 records detailed formatted cells on the records sheet / page
8 Highlight Unique Values: These codes will highlight all cells with a unique value in the selection.
9 word merge with numbers on active sheet / page
10 cell cleaning by cell
11 write to the cell delete the range of data to be deleted (deletes from sheet / page1 and sheet / page2 on sheet / page1 to a2b2)
12 Copy and paste formats of cells
13 The first letters capital in the cell 1
14 The following are the codes that list the data on the report sheet / pages to the report sheet / page in the selected date range.
15 listbox entry to new book
16 send list by excel
17 find or find the number on the sheet / page
18 add a picture to the description
19 transfer processor information to a cell
20 backup