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Finds İf There İs A Written Sheet / Page İn The Cell

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1 Finds if there is a written sheet / page in the cell
2 finds formulas on active sheet / page lists new sheet / page
3 finds if there is a print area and indicates by message
4 If there is a cell with fill color yellow between sheet / pages1 a1: a100, how do we copy that line of a: an interval to sheet / page2
5 Cells a1 to a3000 make red if there is any data and send the line completely to sheet / page 3
6 status bar macro with a message waiting
7 When 1 is entered in the cell on your sheet / page, the sentence corresponding to one is automatically written.
8 only the print area down is selected even if there is only one cell
9 sorts data and finds name
10 sorts data and finds name
11 inserts months as sheet / pages Specifies days in detail
12 Number / Highlight Cells that Error in the entire worksheet: This code will help you to highlight and count all the cells you have made an error with. Just run this code and it will return a message containing the number error cells and will highlight all the cells.
13 writes the names of all sheet / pages from the active sheet / page and cell and adds a link to the sheet / pages
14 finds data
15 transfer lines with spaces to another sheet / page
16 assigns date to the next line when data is entered in certain cells on the sheet / page
17 write the number you want to be colored on the sheet / page in msgbox
18 write the same cell in all cells on the active sheet / page
19 value against names on sheet / page 2
20 excel operators hk