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Give A Password To The Cell

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1 give a password to the cell
2 Encrypt the whole book-you give the password
3 retrieve data from an encrypted closed file
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6 Click any cell in column a to give the row number
7 gives the address and type of formula if the active cell contains a formula
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10 A macro that deletes information from A given column?
11 Using the name manager to determine whether a particular cell or region or anything is named
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13 select column select from given cell
14 Unprotect worksheet: you can use this macro code if you want to unprotect your worksheet. All you need to do is tell us about the password you used to protect your worksheet.
15 back all encrypted sheet / pages
16 Encrypt all book and sheet / pages 2
17 hiding the desired sheet / page at opening save cancellation
18 let me give a warning if I pass empty
19 Track and Report User Changes in an Excel worksheet or workbook
20 Creates .INI file in folder C writes into active and open excel file number