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NoMacro Name
1 open the desired sheet / page
2 macros to work on the desired sheet / page
3 click on one of the abcd letters on the sheet / page to print the desired
4 hiding the desired sheet / page at opening save cancellation
5 open the sheet / page with the name in a1
6 If you start vba, open the vba library and use the sheet / page to skip 7 columns
7 copy the active sheet / page and open a new workbook and name it "newsheet / page" and paste the copied:
8 select sheet / pagename if it exists from the sheet / page and continue processing on the sheet / page, if not, it will open a new worksheet under sheet / pagename
9 The requested sheet / page comes in the opening
10 Open a txt file on a sheet / page and import its contents The name of a txt file is the sheet / page name
11 sheet / page protected if b2 is blank
12 Rows sheet / pages columns report cells
13 locks only formulated cells on sheet / page others remain open
14 Opening internet explorer in Excel
15 excellent menu insert file menu print print preview sheet / page structure remains
16 learn the number of sheet / pages in the message by opening
17 Fetch the value of a cell on that sheet / page without opening the sheet / page
18 Automatically sorts sheet / page names by following the order in vba
19 Hide the names of your sheet / pages
20 sheet / page names in alphabetical order