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Hide The Desired Column

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1 hide the desired column
2 hide the desired column
3 show desired column
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6 excel operators hk
7 Hides empty rows in column a
8 hide d1 if cell a1 is full show if empty
9 Hide empty columns
10 hides all rows and columns
11 Hides empty rows in column c
12 hides blank lines on a sheet / page
13 Show All Rows and Columns: You can use this code to do this one at a time, rather than overwriting individual rows and columns.
14 automatically opening the column to the desired width when you click on the cell 2
15 automatically opening the column at the desired width when you click on the cell
16 divides the text in the active cell into letters (divided by 3 characters into columns)
17 Extracting values ​​from cells
18 reports the last full cells in columns on the desired sheet / page in the entire book
19 If the inside of the cell is red writings get white color.and get obedience and bold
20 prints all sheet / pages with data or scans but does not print