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NoMacro Name
1 close book save book
2 close book save
3 save and close book automatically
4 set name save and close active sheet / page as book
5 save book close window select
6 save book close window select:
7 we can close and save all open excel sheets.
8 creates folder with book name save each sheet / page separately
9 saving output
10 without saving output
11 save and close completely
12 close button in userform
13 off without saving
14 listbox file open close delete
15 Before you close the file, "Do you want to save?" and automatically save each shutdown
16 Close all workbooks at the same time: Use this macro code to close all open workbooks. This macro code first checks and closes all workbooks one by one. & Nbsp;If any of the worksheets are not saved, you will receive a message to save."
17 book auto-save
18 close only one of the two excel files open.
19 If a5 = 2, do not open the userform
20 save worksheets as workbooks