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Delete All İmages İn The Book

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NoMacro Name
1 delete all images in the book
2 specify the number of copies to print from the printer
3 excel operators hk
4 Clear all names in the name manager / Deletes the names of cells with different names
5 specifies in detail how many formulas are in the book (on new sheet / page)
6 deleting all the codes we have written in the excel file
7 Deleting all names given using name manager
8 Delete all but the active worksheet: This macro is useful if you want to delete all worksheets except the active worksheet. & Nbsp; When you run this macro, you can compare the name of the active worksheet with other worksheets, and then delete them.
9 sheet / page address and set column width
10 add toolbars to combo box and select from there
11 excellent menu insert file menu print print preview sheet / page structure remains
12 excel fonts 2
13 perfectly deletes the menu to the right mouse and adds print print preview sheet / page structure
14 add time as menu (most reliable)
15 Add menu to file edit bar delete
16 list formulas on new sheet / page
17 Delete all blank worksheets: Run this code and it will check all worksheets in the active workbook. And if a worksheet is empty, delete it.
18 lists the named cells in detail on the wb_names sheet / page
19 Delete all modules in an Excel file at the same time
20 do not delete formulas on the sheet / page (allow others to be deleted)