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1 writing code
2 Set the showmodal status by writing code.
3 Show All Rows and Columns: You can use this code to do this one at a time, rather than overwriting individual rows and columns.
4 opening and preparing text file 3
5 excel operators hk
6 Hide or show pivot table fields according to a specific criterion
7 calculator on / off
8 if there is a red color in the writings?
9 Selecting only numbers in the selected field (selecting only manually entered numbers without formulas)
10 If the inside of the cell is red writings get white color.and get obedience and bold
11 A1 when writing the date and time
12 Writing a message to error 1
13 vertical writing in label
14 Use the new line (ENTER) character when writing notes in a macro
15 Use double quotes (") character when writing notes in macro
16 Throwing data in the Clipboard and reading / inserting data into memory
17 deleting all the codes we have written in the excel file
18 specify partition, list how many files you have
19 In the deletion of the last written sheet / page, type the following code in the exit button.
20 create and write text file 4