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Give The Code Address Path From The Cell To The Code

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1 give the code address path from the cell to the code
2 excel operators hk
3 a .bat file from a floppy disk
4 Highlight Specific Text: Suppose you have a large data set and want to control a specific value. You can use this code for this. When you run, you receive an input box to enter the value to search for.
5 double-click to add the date and time to the comment
6 printing and prompting
7 Â Pivot Table These codes help you make and manage some changes to pivot tables in a flash. Hide Pivot Table Subtotals: If you want to hide all subtotals, simply run this code. first make sure that you select a cell from the pivot table and run this macro.
8 column a auto_copy
9 List the names of Excel files in a folder then give them a link
10 opening calculator
11 find-delete-change-save codes2
12 specify partition, list how many files you have
13 get information from the registry
14 a code that gives the full directory name
15 send alert e-mail from microsoft outlook
16 Text to Speech: Just select a range and run this code excel will speak all the text in that range from the language of the cell.
17 Remove One Character from Selection: You can use this code to remove a specific character from a selected cell. It will display an input box to enter the character you want to delete.
18 Highlight replicators from selection: This macro controls each cell of your selection and highlights duplicate values. You can also change the color of the code.
19 lists all macros in macros in excel files in a folder of your choice
20 writes the names of all sheet / pages from the active sheet / page and cell and adds a link to the sheet / pages