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1 find function
2 To find the selected cell merged cell
3 Find the name of a cells font
4 Function codes that find out what week
5 find the number in the cell
6 Show multiple repetitive values ​​in a different color in your chosen area / find duplicates
7 find the word in a cell
8 find given value.
9 give the column number to find the column
10 Extract only numbers contained in a text
11 A shortcut to find out how many people are on the list.
12 find the textbox in the sheet / page (must write all)
13 find the first spaces and letter groups from right and left
14 search-find command
15 find or find the number on the sheet / page
16 Find the second or third (or appropriate order) word in a sentence
17 search find list
18 find command
19 calculator on / off
20 indis (Index) function as vba code