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User-defined (sheet / Page Count)

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NoMacro Name
1 user-defined (sheet / page count)
2 sequential sheet / page inserts
3 specifies in detail how many formulas are in the book (on new sheet / page)
4 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
5 list formulas on new sheet / page
6 Create a new sheet / page with the name in a1
7 In the deletion of the last written sheet / page, type the following code in the exit button.
8 same sheet / page have alert 2
9 Turkish alphabetical sorting also sorts hidden sheet / pages
10 print the sheet / page name
11 New sheet / page with the name in a1 + there is the same warning
12 sheet / page copy (with macro)
13 sheet / page creation from a1
14 Adds a new sheet / page named month and year, together with the data a1: a5
15 copies the sheet / page and creates a sheet / page dated yesterday and assigns the information into it
16 Create a new sheet / page for workdays
17 sheet / page duplication
18 Try the following code to add sheet / pages. Copies sheet / page 1
19 copies the same sheet / page as the active sheet / page.
20 copies and duplicates the active sheet / page with the active month name and year