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Return One Or More Values ​​in A Macro

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1 return one or more values ​​in a macro
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3 Create a user-defined menu / Create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "Extensions" section
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5 Multiply All Values ​​by Number: You have a list and you want to multiply the entire number by a specific number. Just use this code. Select this range of cells and run this code. first, it will ask you the number you want to reach more than one person, and then all their numbers will be multiplied instantly.
6 Advanced VLOOKUP Formula: Returns the expression of the value passed the second or third time if the searched value is passed more than once.
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9 Undo cells with 0
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12 Is there one or more fields in the selected field?
13 double-clicking on listbox and retrieving values ​​from textboxa listbox columns
14 ascii values ​​and vba equivalents of keys
15 Displaying the sum of any column values ​​in the listbox in the textbox
16 convert double and single lines into different colors and designs (one line is bold and the other line is normal)
17 Calculate the duration of the mp3 file (type the file path and select that cell)
18 magnifies the screen of the opened book
19 If more than 2 characters are written in textbox, the other textbox will send a message.
20 If more than 2 characters are written in the textbox, it will switch to the other textbox