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1 sending email with macro
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3 Active workbook in email: Use this macro code to quickly send your active workbook by email. & Nbsp; You can change the subject email and body text in the code. If you want to send this mail directly, use.Send" instead of.Display."
4 border in macro?
5 import form with macro
6 Create a user-defined menu / Create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "Extensions" section
8 recording and running the macro at boot
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10 a sheet / page count to a specific cell with a macro
11 delete sheet / page with macro
12 Enable A1 Reference Style: This macro code will help you enable the A1 reference style without using the excel options.
13 Protect All Worksheets Now: This is a code for you if you want to protect all your worksheets at once. & Nbsp; When you run this macro, you will find an input box to enter a password. After entering your password, click All. And be careful with CAPS.
14 Resize All Graphics on a worksheet: Make all graphics the same size. This macro code will help you get all the dimensions of the same chart. You can change the height and width by changing graphics in macro code.
15 insert sheet / page number macro
16 Reverse Text: All you have to do is enterrvrse" in a cell and look at the cell that contains the text you want to reverse.
17 how to remove the single quotation mark () at the beginning of the cells with the macro.
18 Show progress in status bar: You can use this macro to show the progress of a macro code in the status bar. This code will add up to 5000 serial numbers to your sheet / page and will progress along with the status bar.
19 Printing These macro codes help you automate some print tasks that will save you more time. & Nbsp; Print Comments: Use this macro to enable settings to print cell comments at the end of the sheet / page. Suppose you have 10 sheet / pages to print, and after using this code you will receive all comments on sheet / page 11.
20 creates a copy of the book by deleting userformmodulclass