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Only Printing Cell A1

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NoMacro Name
1 only printing cell a1
2 printing and prompting
3 font size and character in cell a1 only when sending to the printer in arial-italic and 14 points
4 excel operators hk
5 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
6 Highlight Specific Text: Suppose you have a large data set and want to control a specific value. You can use this code for this. When you run, you receive an input box to enter the value to search for.
7 search color
8 Shrink the area used in Excel and allow operation on only the desired cells
9 import only full cells into listbox
10 a: Imports only full cells from the data in cells a200 to the listbox. (empty cells invisible)
11 inserts and deletes annotations with the date and time in the active sheet / page
12 inserts the date and time when data was entered into the cells where data was entered on the active sheet / page as a comment
13 detailed active cell address
14 a1 message if more than 10 characters
15 status bar macro with a message waiting
16 convert double and single lines into different colors and designs (one line is bold and the other line is normal)
17 Remove Characters from a Directory: Remove only characters from the beginning of a text string. All you need is to reference a cell or add a number of characters and text to the function to remove from the text string. There are two arguments,rng" for the text string andcnt" for the number of characters to remove. for example: 1 incnt if you want to remove the first characters from a cell;
18 still inputbox
19 write the number you want to be colored on the sheet / page in msgbox
20 textbox cell sum printing