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M-n And O Cell

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1 m-n and o cell
2 pushbutton pictures
3 add icons menus and buttons to the sheet / page
4 date format in active sheet / page and target cells
5 Zoom in / out and make selected cells visible
6 selects 7 lines down and 7 lines up from the active cell
7 Write E1 Cell and E15 Cells Total A1 E
8 Merge data in cells a1 and b1
9 Delete that row if the data in column a and c are the same
10 Turn off drag / drop on cells
11 Suspended Cells: Select the cells and run this code; remove all the cells in the selection with the data you lost.
12 report the row and column of the cell in a message
13 Text to Speech: Just select a range and run this code excel will speak all the text in that range from the language of the cell.
14 selects and zooms between cells
15 Allow data entry and other operations only to cells that have been used so far
16 prints the name of the workbook and active sheet in the active cell
17 makes sheet / page horizontal and prints cell a1
18 I want to count empty cells between c5 and c15 and print to d1
19 Identify and select only empty cells in the selected area
20 When you move to sheet / page2, select cell b1 and run the macro: