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1 save as macro only save the specified sheet / page
2 excel operators hk
3 remove sheet / page protections
4 Printing These macro codes help you automate some print tasks that will save you more time. & Nbsp; Print Comments: Use this macro to enable settings to print cell comments at the end of the sheet / page. Suppose you have 10 sheet / pages to print, and after using this code you will receive all comments on sheet / page 11.
5 copies active sheet / page email
6 save to a blank line of the sheet / page that is closed
7 save book you specify name - notifies you by message
8 output as a word sheet / page
9 hiding the desired sheet / page at opening save cancellation
10 Save the sheet / page to the desired location with the name in cell a1
11 recording and running the macro at boot
12 WorksheetThis macro code will help you easily control and manage worksheets and save you a lot of time. Hide all except active worksheet: Now if you want to hide all worksheets other than the active worksheet in your workbook, say. This macro code does this for you.
13 Undo cells with 0
14 save optional data to sheet / pages
15 Close all workbooks at the same time: Use this macro code to close all open workbooks. This macro code first checks and closes all workbooks one by one. & Nbsp;If any of the worksheets are not saved, you will receive a message to save."
16 copying the active sheet / page
17 userforma save as key
18 Hide the names of your sheet / pages
19 sheet / page copy with input
20 saves the date of a1 to the bottom left