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Delete A Link On A Sheet / Page

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1 delete a link on a sheet / page
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7 delete images on all sheet / pages
8 prevent deleting formulas on the sheet / page (delete key cancel)
9 do not delete formulas on the sheet / page (allow others to be deleted)
10 delete names defined on a sheet / page
11 You can delete all codes on sheet / page1
12 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
13 delete an image on a sheet / page
14 In the deletion of the last written sheet / page, type the following code in the exit button.
15 no warning when deleting sheet / pages
16 Erases others except sheet / page 1 without warning
17 delete certain sheet / pages (except sheet / pages a b and c)
18 Fills the line spacing on the sheet / page
19 sheet / page deletion without warning message
20 warns and deletes data when data is entered in the active sheet / page