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Deletes Names Defined On The Sheet / Page

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1 deletes names defined on the sheet / page
2 delete names defined on a sheet / page
3 lists the named cells in detail on the wb_names sheet / page
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5 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
6 excel operators hk
7 deleting sheet / page names other than x and y
8 a macro that automatically deletes the following month-old sheet / pages before moving to the new month when the specified month is over
9 perfectly deletes the menu to the right mouse and adds print print preview sheet / page structure
10 writes the names of all sheet / pages from the active sheet / page and cell and adds a link to the sheet / pages
11 deletes all sheet / pages except the active sheet / page
12 write to the cell delete the range of data to be deleted (deletes from sheet / page1 and sheet / page2 on sheet / page1 to a2b2)
13 inserts and deletes annotations with the date and time in the active sheet / page
14 warns and deletes data when data is entered in the active sheet / page
15 deletes the top empty cells from the last full cell on the sheet / page
16 deletes hidden sheet / pages
17 go to sheet / page when clicking sheet / page names in combobox on active sheet / page
18 Send all pivot tables to printer
19 Adds sheet / pages based on data in column A and writes data up to column D
20 excellent menu insert file menu print print preview sheet / page structure remains