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1 sheet / pages with toolbars and menus
2 excel operators hk
3 add sheet / pages as menus
4 add icons menus and buttons to the sheet / page
5 inserts months as sheet / pages Specifies days in detail
6 a menu to the right mouse on a sheet / page
7 prints all sheet / pages with data or scans but does not print
8 if the sheet / page is blank, inserts the date in the footer and prints if not
9 automatic custom footer and header information on sheet / pages
10 Show / Hide custom Toolbars & Remove / Restore Excels Local Toolbars
11 transfer lines with spaces to another sheet / page
12 listing sheet / pages as menus
13 summer adds months to sheet / pages
14 writes the names of all sheet / pages from the active sheet / page and cell and adds a link to the sheet / pages
15 writes the name of the sheet / page and the sheet / page number of the footer.
16 record on multiple sheet / pages with the same macro
17 Create a user-defined menu / Create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "Extensions" section
18 selects sheet / pages, makes the same cells bold, and changes the font
19 Printing These macro codes help you automate some print tasks that will save you more time. & Nbsp; Print Comments: Use this macro to enable settings to print cell comments at the end of the sheet / page. Suppose you have 10 sheet / pages to print, and after using this code you will receive all comments on sheet / page 11.
20 status bar macro with a message waiting