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All Selected Cells Are Lower Case (spelling)

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1 all selected cells are lower case (spelling)
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4 Convert Small Case: This code helps you convert selected text to lower case text. & Nbsp; Select a range of cells that contain your text and run this code. If a cell has any value other than a number or text, the value will remain the same.
5 all letters lowercase (spelling order)
6 Convert all texts in the selected region to lower case
7 Specifies the converted cells that converts uppercase to lowercase. (Toggle)
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9 first letter capital others small (spelling)
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11 printing and prompting
12 email selected cells
13 Undo cells with 0
14 Make the first letter of all words in the selected region capitalized and the other letters lowercase
15 selects full cells and converts them to lower case
16 all letters capital spelling
17 converts the number in the cell to lower or upper case and normal. h2o co2
18 Square Root Calculator: You can use this code to calculate the square root without applying a formula. checks all selected cells and converts numbers to square.
19 converts text to uppercase & lowercase
20 converts text to uppercase & lowercase