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How Many (number Of Drive)

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1 How many (number of drive)
2 specifies in detail how many formulas are in the book (on new sheet / page)
3 specify the number of copies to print from the printer
4 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
5 specify partition, list how many files you have
6 remove sheet / page protections
7 type the date of the file and calculate how many days have passed
8 The selected region consists of how many different areas (squares)
9 how many empty lines are added between active and full cells
10 excel operators hk
11 Double-click any cell in column b to specify how many rows to insert
12 how many times has the file been opened
13 book total how many times which date and time opened
14 collecting / counting colored cells (how many cells in the color I want)
15 left counting characters from right + counts how many characters there are
16 Highlighted Named Ranges: If you are not sure how many named ranges are in your worksheet, you can use this code to highlight them all.
17 A shortcut to find out how many people are on the list.
18 Find how many formulas are in the selected field and select all cells containing the formula
19 calculate how many sheet / pages are there
20 how many jpg files are in the folder?