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1 Converting Alphabetical Column Tags Numerically
2 convert formulas to numbers
3 convert from row to column
4 convert formulas to numbers
5 convert formulas in selected cells to value
6 Converting column letters to column numbers
7 Converts the first letters of a1-a5 to uppercase
8 Adding a Linked Image: This VBA code converts the selected range to a linked image and you can use the image you want wherever you want.
9 convert formulas in selected cells to value 2
10 enter formula and convert code to cell
11 Paste Graphic Into an Image: This code will help you convert your graphic into an image. Just select your chart and run this code.
12 Convert all texts in the selected region to lower case
13 selects full cells and converts them to uppercase
14 selects full cells and converts them to lower case
15 Convert Range as Image: Paste the selected range as an image. Just select the range, and after running this code, it automatically adds an image for that range.
16 Convert to Uppercase: Select cells and run this code. Checks each cell of the selected range and then converts it to uppercase text.
17 Convert Date to Years: This code converts dates into the year of the month.
18 separates the text in the active cell into letters (columns)
19 Converting to Suitcase: And this code converts the selected text into the correct word that fills the first letter of capital with lowercase letters.
20 convert formulas to value