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Opens Text File Opens New Book

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1 opens text file opens new book
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3 if the file looks in the directory, opens it or gives a message
4 Select txt file to write to new excel sheet
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6 new book opens
7 if the file looks open or not opens
8 a lot of dialog windows
9 List the names of Excel files in a folder then give them a link
10 customization of toolbars remains in the file menu
11 Add menu to file edit bar delete
12 ping the address in the cell
13 Search for a word in 30 excel files
14 find and open excel files in file path
15 a worksheet and create a hyperlink from a folder
16 send alert e-mail from microsoft outlook
17 dialog box without userform
18 Can the characters typed in the inputbox appear as "*****" (password or password characters)?
19 backups and saves the workbook (to the current directory) --- per-author
20 prints the path and name of the file to the cell