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All Letters Lowercase (spelling Order)

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1 all letters lowercase (spelling order)
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8 Converting to Suitcase: And this code converts the selected text into the correct word that fills the first letter of capital with lowercase letters.
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10 Convert selected cells to uppercase or lowercase with one click
11 Convert Small Case: This code helps you convert selected text to lower case text. & Nbsp; Select a range of cells that contain your text and run this code. If a cell has any value other than a number or text, the value will remain the same.
13 inserts months as sheet / pages Specifies days in detail
14 first letters in cell capital 2
15 calculator on / off
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20 Highlight Cells with Wrong Words: This code is for you if it becomes difficult to check all cells due to typos. It controls each cell in the selection and highlights the cell with a misspelled word.