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1 shows all drivers
2 hides all sheet / pages and shows the sheet / page you want and vice versa
3 Display the formula in the cell / Shows the English format of the formula in the cell
4 Put an asterisk at the beginning of the cell
5 msgbox shows - day - date - time
6 Determining the name of the sheet / page and file containing the active cell
7 Specify row height and column width in cm
8 starry effects
9 is there a printer installed
10 Open a new file with the "Open File" window
11 excel operators hk
12 automatically save filename when saving 2
13 automatically save file name when saving different
14 calculator on / off
15 windows search window
16 show changing cells
17 search all files and folders
18 show changing cells
19 userform perfect opening effect
20 image preview in userform