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Check Whether The Active Cell İs Numeric Or Text

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5 Highlight Cells with Wrong Words: This code is for you if it becomes difficult to check all cells due to typos. It controls each cell in the selection and highlights the cell with a misspelled word.
6 Remove Characters from a Directory: Remove only characters from the beginning of a text string. All you need is to reference a cell or add a number of characters and text to the function to remove from the text string. There are two arguments,rng" for the text string andcnt" for the number of characters to remove. for example: 1 incnt if you want to remove the first characters from a cell;
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9 finding the type of active cell
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15 Highlight All Cells in a Worksheet with an Empty but Not Visible Field: Some cells are sometimes empty, but have a single field. And so it is really hard to identify them. This code checks all the cells in the worksheet and will highlight all the cells with a single field.
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