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1 Paste into code section of userform
2 add save key to userforma
3 userforma save as key
4 excel operators hk
5 printing and prompting
6 specify the number of copies to print from the printer
7 to the code section of the userform
8 Select and delete columns for a1b1c1d1 (delete with hold)
9 prints selected areas on a sheet of paper
10 prints selected areas on a sheet of paper
11 Paste a cell community / region into another region
12 active cell printing
13 backup
14 creates a copy of the book by deleting userformmodulclass
15 Can the characters typed in the inputbox appear as "*****" (password or password characters)?
16 Convert Date to Years: This code converts dates into the year of the month.
17 Convert Day to Day: if you have a date on your worksheet and want to convert all these dates into days, this code is for you. Just select the range of cells and run this macro.
18 Copy and paste one region into another
19 Converting to Suitcase: And this code converts the selected text into the correct word that fills the first letter of capital with lowercase letters.
20 Sentence story conversion: In the case of text, the first letter of the first word keeps the capital in a small case for all words. And this code helps you convert regular text into sentences.