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Makes Workarea1 0

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NoMacro Name
1 Makes workarea1 0
2 a1: a10 makes 21 cells out of 10 ones
3 A1: A10 makes cells thicker than 10 between
4 makes all selected cells 0
5 makes 0 if the active cell is empty and not empty if it is not 0
6 receive a message with a macro
7 Replace Empty Cells with Zeros: You can add zeros to data where you have empty cells. The formula makes it easier to use and use these cells in advanced accounts.
8 makes the last digit of the number in the cell 0 (zero)
9 if the active cell is numerical and greater than 500, it makes thick
10 makes the print area a3: f15 and selects and prints the line to repeat
11 makes 3 cells thick from bottom to bottom on active sheet / page
12 Remove Negative Marks: This code checks all cells in the selection and makes all negative numbers positive. Select a range and run this code.
13 makes sheet / page horizontal and prints cell a1
14 selects sheet / pages, makes the same cells bold, and changes the font
15 makes merged cells red
16 finds the largest value in selected cells and makes them bold
17 makes your table full screen
18 It takes data from "listbox a" and then writes "textbox b"
19 takes dated backup to current folder
20 header in the active sheet / page "my report" writes "takes from a1" (14 points)