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Delete All But The Active Worksheet: This Macro İs Useful İf You Want To Delete All Worksheets Except The Active Worksheet. & Nbsp; When You Run This Macro, You Can Compare The Name Of The Active Worksheet With Other Worksheets, And Then Delete Them.

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1 Delete all but the active worksheet: This macro is useful if you want to delete all worksheets except the active worksheet. & Nbsp; When you run this macro, you can compare the name of the active worksheet with other worksheets, and then delete them.
2 excel operators hk
3 right mouse on active sheet / page menu
4 excelin all menu pushbutton pictures
5 Create a user-defined menu / Create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "Extensions" section
6 WorksheetThis macro code will help you easily control and manage worksheets and save you a lot of time. Hide all except active worksheet: Now if you want to hide all worksheets other than the active worksheet in your workbook, say. This macro code does this for you.
7 Create a Content Table: Suppose you have over 100 worksheets in your workbook. And now it is hard to navigate. Do not worry that this macro code will save everything. When you run this code, you will create a new worksheet and create a & nbsp; will create a directory.
8 remove sheet / page protections
9 Add menu to file edit bar delete
10 Protect All Worksheets Now: This is a code for you if you want to protect all your worksheets at once. & Nbsp; When you run this macro, you will find an input box to enter a password. After entering your password, click All. And be careful with CAPS.
11 specifies in detail how many formulas are in the book (on new sheet / page)
12 list formulas on new sheet / page
13 Count / Highlight Cells with a Specific feature on the entire worksheet: This code will help you count the cells that have a specific value to mention, and then highlight all of those cells.
14 calculator on / off
15 Number / Highlight Cells that Error in the entire worksheet: This code will help you to highlight and count all the cells you have made an error with. Just run this code and it will return a message containing the number error cells and will highlight all the cells.
16 userformless form menu sheet / page select
17 sheet / pages showing userform (with code without form)
18 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
19 records detailed formatted cells on the records sheet / page
20 specify the number of copies to print from the printer