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1 selects all active rows
2 excel operators hk
3 specify the number of copies to print from the printer
4 codes to manually select the rows and columns you want to print
5 delete all empty rows in column
6 Delete all rows with column c blank
7 selects individual bottom row from active row
8 enter formula every 3 seconds
9 search find copy to other sheet / page
10 find and copy and paste in macro
11 giving sheet / page insertion sequence number
12 Automatically resize row width when cells are merged
13 delete duplicate / duplicate rows
14 prints all sheet / pages with data or scans but does not print
15 return one or more values ​​in a macro
16 selection of filled fields and finding the last filled cell
17 write the number you want to be colored on the sheet / page in msgbox
18 search color
19 Remove Text Wrap: This code will help you remove text wrap across the entire worksheet with a single click. first selects all columns and then removes the text wrap and automatically fits all rows and columns.
20 AutoFit Rows: You can use this code to automatically fit all rows in a worksheet. When you run this code, it selects all the cells in your worksheet and fits almost all rows automatically.