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Active Capital Letter

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1 active capital letter
2 excel operators hk
3 prints all sheet / pages with data or scans but does not print
4 active letters
5 separates the text in the active cell into letters (columns)
6 Show the letters in the selected cell one by one
7 if the number of letters is more than 100 write to the bottom cell 2
8 active cell notification
9 Converts the first letters of a1-a5 to uppercase
10 divides the text in the active cell into letters (divided by 3 characters into columns)
11 Converting to Suitcase: And this code converts the selected text into the correct word that fills the first letter of capital with lowercase letters.
12 Sentence story conversion: In the case of text, the first letter of the first word keeps the capital in a small case for all words. And this code helps you convert regular text into sentences.
13 all letters capital spelling
14 first letters of textbox are capitalized
15 capitalize the first letter of the words written in the textbox
17 initial letters capitalization
18 Make the first letter of all words in the selected region capitalized and the other letters lowercase
19 capitalize each letter in selected cells on sheet / page
20 first letter capital others small (spelling)