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Copies The Text From The Rectangle On The Active Sheet / Page To The Cell

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NoMacro Name
1 copies the text from the rectangle on the active sheet / page to the cell
2 excel operators hk
3 output from the printer as many as the number in the cell
4 number of sheet / page prints with message box (prints even if the sheet / page is blank)
5 specify the number of copies to print from the printer
6 only printing cell a1
7 a hyperlink down your sheet / page from the active cell of the sheet / page
8 hyperlinks to sheet / pages from the active cell
9 prints cells with data
10 writes the names of all sheet / pages from the active sheet / page and cell and adds a link to the sheet / pages
11 write the number you want to be colored on the sheet / page in msgbox
12 giving sheet / page insertion sequence number
13 prints all sheet / pages with data or scans but does not print
14 if the sheet / page is blank, inserts the date in the footer and prints if not
15 deletes the top empty cells from the last full cell on the sheet / page
16 font size and character in cell a1 only when sending to the printer in arial-italic and 14 points
17 print out the specified range of cells
18 watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
19 inserts the date and time when data was entered into the cells where data was entered on the active sheet / page as a comment
20 inserts and deletes annotations with the date and time in the active sheet / page