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Selects The Columns İn Which The Selected Cells Reside.

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1 Selects the columns in which the selected cells reside.
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8 Remove Text Wrap: This code will help you remove text wrap across the entire worksheet with a single click. first selects all columns and then removes the text wrap and automatically fits all rows and columns.
9 Selects the first empty cell after full cells. (For columns.)
10 delete duplicate / duplicate rows
11 Auto-Fit to Columns: automatically fit all columns on your worksheet. This macro code selects all the cells in your worksheet and instantly fits in all columns automatically.
12 watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
13 Copy and paste cell values ​​by shortcut
14 put the calendar on the sheet / page (change year)
15 Type a1: c10 from the active cell
16 Search for a word in 30 excel files
17 Inputbox add year as summer
18 inserts months as sheet / pages Specifies days in detail
19 divides the text in the active cell into letters (divided by 3 characters into columns)
20 Â Graphics Use these VBA codes to manage graphics in Excel and save a lot of time. & Nbsp; Change Chart Type: This code will help you convert the chart type without using the chart options on the tab. All you need to do is specify which type you want to convert. & Nbsp; The following code converts the selected chart to a clustered column chart. There are different codes for different types, where you can find all these types.