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1 Go to a specific cell
2 excel operators hk
3 click any cell and scroll to the right to write the number of days in that month
4 When you click on any cell, it scrolls to the right and writes the numbers of the days in that month and color the weekends.
5 to delete sales with faulty cells
6 Assign another command to the right mouse button
7 Determining the name of the sheet / page and file containing the active cell
8 sorts data and finds name
9 sorts data and finds name
10 Using format painter to fit the format into a specific cell
11 Export selected cells to text file
12 automatic image fetch
13 go to cell
14 which cell you want to go to by scrolling
15 List the names of Excel files in a folder then give them a link
16 status bar macro with a message waiting
17 Search for a text / text in all open Excel files
18 To find the selected cell merged cell
19 Using the name manager to determine whether a particular cell or region or anything is named
20 Hide or show pivot table fields according to a specific criterion