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Select The Region Table Area

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NoMacro Name
1 Select the region table area
2 excel operators hk
3 Export selected cells to text file
4 Expand the selected area by one more cell fill the old region with more cells
5 Automatically resize row width when cells are merged
6 giving sheet / page insertion sequence number
7 only the print area down is selected even if there is only one cell
8 Just select the cells used (region)
9 Adds sheet / pages based on data in column A and writes data up to column D
10 leads to the last row without data
11 If you start vba, open the vba library and use the sheet / page to skip 7 columns
12 Convert all texts in the selected region to lower case
13 gives the address and type of formula if the active cell contains a formula
14 Turkish mathematical terms
15 Shrink the area used in Excel and allow operation on only the desired cells
16 Assigning random numbers as a value to cells in the selected region
17 copy paste
18 Selects the full cells around the selection.
19 Selects the full cells around the active cell.
20 if there is value in the active cell it writes to a17