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1 find macro
2 Protect All Worksheets Now: This is a code for you if you want to protect all your worksheets at once. & Nbsp; When you run this macro, you will find an input box to enter a password. After entering your password, click All. And be careful with CAPS.
3 find and copy and paste in macro
4 Active workbook in email: Use this macro code to quickly send your active workbook by email. & Nbsp; You can change the subject email and body text in the code. If you want to send this mail directly, use.Send" instead of.Display."
5 Add menu to file edit bar delete
6 change the message text written in macro
7 search macro
8 macro that finds the IP number
9 Codes that prevent and open the vba window and access codes
10 find-change-delete-save macro
11 macros box and macros appear
12 excel operators hk
13 indisin vba macro
14 wav file playback 4
15 preview macro
16 to call a macro from within a macro 2
17 If Cell A1 is greater than zero, let the macro run.
18 for example, if macro is executed in line 4
19 wav file play 2
20 conditional wav ringing