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Adds İntermittent Ones İn Column C

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1 Adds intermittent ones in column c
2 list formulas on new sheet / page
3 specifies in detail how many formulas are in the book (on new sheet / page)
4 specifies in detail how many references the book contains (on new sheet / page)
5 Adds sheet / pages based on data in column A and writes data up to column D
6 summer adds months to sheet / pages
7 Adds months as a sheet / page and writes the days of the month and goes to the active month and day
8 Adds a blank line under the full rows in column a: a
9 Adding Serial Numbers: This macro code will help you automatically add serial numbers to your excel sheet. After you run this macro, it will display an input box where you must enter the maximum number for serial numbers, and then add a number to the column in a column.
10 adds months as sheet / pages and goes to that day
11 Adds 1 to the numbers in column a writes to column c
12 Separates the same ones in column a as sheet / page space
13 Gets an intermittent total in column c
14 Compares the names in column b against column a and deletes the same ones from column a
15 Deletes the same ones in column b and leaves 1
16 select rows in column delete empty ones
17 Leaves 1 of the same ones in column a and queues
18 adding two lines and removing total
19 excel fonts 2
20 excel operators hk