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NoMacro Name
1 I1: translates to 0 if data written in cells i13 is not equal to 0
2 translate text to cell event from userform
3 system report
4 translate
5 api that finds which key is pressed
6 translate the number / number into English (in dollars and cents)
7 Translating all rows of selected cells.
8 list of all macros
9 Compares column c, calculates how many, and transfers to another sheet / page
10 excel operators hk
11 transferring data written to textbox to cell
12 transfer from combobox to sheet / page
13 transition from multisheet / page to sheet / page
14 transfer data from listbox to sheet / page
15 data transfer ...
16 sheet / page to sheet / page transition
17 Transferring text from textbox to cell
18 do you have a printer installed 2
19 transfer data from combobox to textboxes
20 indirect macro