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You Have 3 Rights To The Encrypted Login.

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1 You have 3 rights to the encrypted login.
2 a .bat file from a floppy disk
3 Highlight Specific Text: Suppose you have a large data set and want to control a specific value. You can use this code for this. When you run, you receive an input box to enter the value to search for.
4 specify partition, list how many files you have
5 type the date of the file and calculate how many days have passed
6 book opening macro by date (does not open the book if the specified date has passed)
7 Number / Highlight Cells that Error in the entire worksheet: This code will help you to highlight and count all the cells you have made an error with. Just run this code and it will return a message containing the number error cells and will highlight all the cells.
8 Remove Characters from a Directory: Remove only characters from the beginning of a text string. All you need is to reference a cell or add a number of characters and text to the function to remove from the text string. There are two arguments,rng" for the text string andcnt" for the number of characters to remove. for example: 1 incnt if you want to remove the first characters from a cell;
9 Question and answer in Inputbox
10 excel operators hk
11 Count / Highlight Cells with a Specific feature on the entire worksheet: This code will help you count the cells that have a specific value to mention, and then highlight all of those cells.
12 remove sheet / page protections
13 Highlight Negative Numbers: Select a range of cells and run this code. It checks each cell of the range and highlights all the cells that you have a negative number.
14 Inputbox double-line example
15 Replace Empty Cells with Zeros: You can add zeros to data where you have empty cells. The formula makes it easier to use and use these cells in advanced accounts.
16 do you have a printer installed 2
17 Multiply All Values ​​by Number: You have a list and you want to multiply the entire number by a specific number. Just use this code. Select this range of cells and run this code. first, it will ask you the number you want to reach more than one person, and then all their numbers will be multiplied instantly.
18 Reverse Text: All you have to do is enterrvrse" in a cell and look at the cell that contains the text you want to reverse.
19 Remove the abbreviation from Number One: Run this code to remove it if you have numeric data with an apostrophe before each number.
20 Convert Day to Day: if you have a date on your worksheet and want to convert all these dates into days, this code is for you. Just select the range of cells and run this macro.