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Protects Formulated Cells

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9 and deleting formulas for formulated cells on a sheet / page as comments
10 prevent deletion of formulated cells
11 watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
12 Protect the sheet / page using macros and allow only unlocked cells
13 assigns date to the next line when data is entered in certain cells on the sheet / page
14 remove sheet / page protections
15 Inputbox add year as summer
16 inserts months as sheet / pages Specifies days in detail
17 list fonts with samples
18 Looking at the date I wrote on the first line, opening the working days of that month down to the other cells with a single movement.
19 Selecting only numbers in the selected field (selecting only manually entered numbers without formulas)
20 Square Root Calculator: You can use this code to calculate the square root without applying a formula. checks all selected cells and converts numbers to square.