Free Excel Macros (VBA)

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Free Macros
NoMacro Name
1 About listbox
2 Internet with internet explorer on sheet / page
3 Support dialog window
4 Backup
5 Save as action
6 Double record blocking (macros solution)
7 Hide all row columns
8 Selects the first empty cell
9 Show toolbar dialog window
10 Click any cell in column a to give the row number
11 Disable page breaks: use this code to disable sheet / page breaks. It will simply disable sheet / page breaks in all open workbooks.
12 Print by increasing the value in the cell by 1
13 Leave space between textboxes
14 Receive alerts when changing data
15 Password opening
16 Dialog window "set update status"
17 Save as and disable right click
18 To activate the desired printer
19 Enumerates active toolbars
20 Force
21 Sheet / page1 to be full screen
22 Convert small case: this code helps you convert selected text to lower case text. & nbsp; select a range of cells that contain your text and run this code. If a cell has any value other than a number or text, the value will remain the same.
23 File move
24 Report the row and column of the cell in a message
25 Continuous flash example in excel
26 Learning the formula in a1
27 Take a picture (printscreen)
28 Row and column width
29 Divides the text in the active cell into letters (divided by 3 characters into columns)
30 Show drive serial number
31 As many sheet / pages as of a1
32 Find given value.
33 Sort data by name order
34 Write the number in minutes and seconds
35 Text in the text box
36 Throwing data in the clipboard and reading / inserting data into memory
37 Slicing settings dialog window
38 Recommended pivot tables dialog window
39 Close my workbook with a button on my sheet / page
40 Sorts data and finds name
41 Select sheet / pages in multisheet / page
42 Sheet / pages protection
43 Information input from userform to sheet / page
44 One-click navigation to the address in the listbox
45 Opening macro (requested sheet / page)
46 Makes sheet / page horizontal and prints cell a1
47 Adding the commandbar
48 Automatic calculation enabled-ineffective
49 Userform 1 userform title
50 Go directly to the sheet / page
51 Autofit rows: you can use this code to automatically fit all rows in a worksheet. When you run this code, it selects all the cells in your worksheet and fits almost all rows automatically.
52 Makes your table full screen
53 Remove one character from selection: you can use this code to remove a specific character from a selected cell. It will display an input box to enter the character you want to delete.
54 Seriesy dialog window
55 Cell
56 Label derivation
57 Let enter come back 2
58 Copy matching data in one column to the other shot
59 Selects all cells in the worksheet.
60 Compare two columns
61 Decimal total
62 Double-click any cell in column b to increase 1
63 Automatically sorts sheet / page names by following the order in vba
64 Choose a drag down
65 Off without saving
66 Dialog window "add toolbars"
67 Text to speech: just select a range and run this code excel will speak all the text in that range from the language of the cell.
68 Sheet / page names are sorted in the message box
69 Copying the active sheet / page
70 Book total how many times which date and time opened
71 Sheet / page count
72 Open a form by sheet / page.
73 Message when cell contents change
74 Codes that prevent the cursor from moving when the macro is running
75 Suspended cells: select the cells and run this code; remove all the cells in the selection with the data you lost.
76 Hide sheet / page
77 How to write a copy macro in excel?
78 Currency format-currency in textbox
79 Shut down the computer completely using a macro
80 Convert formulas to numbers
81 Loop
82 Open mail dialog window
83 Adjust row and column widths and heights
84 You specify the row and column width
85 Share workbook window
86 Update automatic
87 Let macro run if the value of cell a1 is lower than the value in cell a3
88 When i right click in any cell in excel, i want the "print" command to exit
89 Specifies the path and name of the book
90 User-defined function
91 Add a comment to the active cell and set the font and point for that comment
92 Vba insert file dialog window
93 Remove the abbreviation from number one: run this code to remove it if you have numeric data with an apostrophe before each number.
94 Receiving message with keyboard arrow directions
95 Change text dialog window
96 Constant values ​​to be assigned to combobox
97 Closed c: est. Xls file will be opened and saved after c: userform1. Frm is added
98 Saving a book in 5 minutes
99 Sheet / page names in alphabetical order
100 Hides above rows with data
101 Phone format in textbox 3
102 Specify partition, list how many files you have
103 Type b1e as the number changes in the same cell
104 Convert
105 Sheet / page stability
106 Data between cells a1: af12 flashes
107 Sheet / pages showing userform (with code without form)
108 Find the first empty cell in column c
109 Importing data from another book to the combobox
110 Watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
111 Goes to the sheet / page you want
112 Workbook name dialog window
113 B1: if g13 is greater than 0 then zero
114 Hides all sheet / pages and shows the sheet / page you want and vice versa
115 Receive a warning when you enter data in a cell
116 Add 0 zeros to the beginning of the digit in the textbox
117 Deletes duplicates in column b
118 Yes and no macro execution
119 Insert multiple rows
120 Tab order dialog window
121 Multiplies what is written in inputboxes
122 Hyperlinks to sheet / pages from the active cell
123 Name creation window
124 Convert numbers in cells to letters
125 Dialog window "check box properties"
126 Detection of regional settings in excel: decimal separator day symbol and code that displays the day in a message box currency code
127 Remove sheet / page protection
128 Book opening (single file)
129 Goes to the top of the sheet / page
130 Asks for unprotect password at boot
131 Paste names dialog window
132 Auto-fit to columns: automatically fit all columns on your worksheet. This macro code selects all the cells in your worksheet and instantly fits in all columns automatically.
133 Does excel drawing?
134 New sheet / page with name in cell a1
135 Active cell color...
136 Open all excel files in folder
137 Userform has no x
138 Userform 4 waiting for a certain time on the screen and then close the user form.
139 Cell format is the same as in the textbox
140 Navigation button with multisheet / page
141 Copies and duplicates the active sheet / page with the active month name and year
142 Highlight the difference in columns: using this code you can highlight the difference between two columns (corresponding cells).
143 Leaves 1 of the same ones in column a and queues
144 Hide or show pivot table fields
145 In the cell next to the month (according to the data in the abc column)
146 Function calculating workdays
147 Round number 2
148 Digitize a cell
149 Sheet / page1 a1b1c1 is full and column b is hidden and copy c1 i to sheet / page2b on a1b1
150 Whichever cell is full (a2: e2) write it to the other cell (a5)
151 Show data in cell in txtbox 1
152 Userformda clock
153 Hide other toolbars except the file menu
154 Toggle button creation and command
155 Deleting selected row without deleting formulas in other columns
156 Click any cell and scroll to the right to write the number of days in that month
157 Font format dialog window
158 Rounding formula in cells 1
159 Select find additional or double ->
160 Age calculation
161 Number message in status bar
162 Hides rows whose totals are equal to zero
163 Warns and deletes data when data is entered in the active sheet / page
164 Dialog window "set tuple editor in rows"
165 If you say your macros are hidden
166 Label properties dialog window
167 Collects cells that are red between a1: d20
168 Delete a set of rows
169 Open file again
170 Open excel multiuser
171 You have 3 rights to the encrypted login.
172 Writes the number of the row you clicked in column b to column a
173 Converts text to uppercase & lowercase
174 Hide the names of your sheet / pages
175 Adding additem to the listbox with a "for" loop
176 A1 message if more than 10 characters
177 Average collection in labeller
178 Getting a temporary file name
179 Prevent saving excel file
180 Returns the number of selected cells.
181 Hide the desired column
182 Modify formulas inside cells using macros
183 Write date in cell a1 when closing book
184 Selects the entire row containing the active cell.
185 Delete an image on a sheet / page
186 Userform full screen2
187 Program closes
188 Bullets (mark) insert delete
189 Run macro on cell
190 The macro only works with the current file
191 Protect worksheet: you can use this macro code if you want to protect your worksheet. All you have to do is specify your password in your code.
192 Sheet / page copy (with macro)
193 Copy and paste with macro
194 The value passed from the listbox to the textbox is output in the same format
195 Block save as
196 Stop clock if b1 x
197 Marks weekends on active line
198 Phonetic dialog window
199 Bring some of the tool buttons as a separate menu at boot
200 Hiding the desired sheet / page at opening save cancellation
201 Copy and paste
202 Email window of active book
203 Find-change-delete-save macro
204 Cell cleaning by cell
205 Get the name of the sheet / page a1
206 Writes sum formula
207 Comboboxa prints months
208 Cookie when file is opened
209 File sharing dialog window
210 Dialog window "protect document"
211 Custom select dialog window
212 Change formula dialog window
213 You can set the title of your userform with the code you want
214 Message if c10 is 100
215 Fonts in word
216 How to remove the single quotation mark () at the beginning of the cells with the macro.
217 Output as many as the number in the cell
218 Macros that determine and cancel your workspace on your sheet / page
219 Selects sheet / pages, makes the same cells bold, and changes the font
220 Column hiding conditional
221 Userform 2 minimizing userforma and adding maximize button
222 Unhide dialog window
223 Delete the file edit menu
224 Add zero after a comma
225 Capture the division error to zero
226 First full cell from right to left
227 Mouse cursor hourglass
228 Print the user name in cell a1
229 If a1 is less than a3, it gives a message.
230 Highlight less than values: after running this code, you will want the value for which you want to highlight all low values.
231 Run the same macro on other sheets
232 Delete name dialog window
233 Checking the presence of the plug-in
234 Find excel file hide
235 Learning cell names
236 Apply style dialog window
237 Saving excel file
238 B5: non-selection to external cells g22
239 A1 to each data entry b1c1 respectively, always writes to the side column
240 Message samples
241 Codes that write text in active cells as comments
242 Form window
243 Root file show
244 Entering formula with message box
245 Dialog window "setmdxeditor"
246 Close one form and open another
247 Compares column c, calculates how many, and transfers to another sheet / page
248 Is there one or more fields in the selected field?
249 Nam definitions given to cells
250 Wmi information
251 Zero to the left of the digits
252 Macros that determine and cancel your workspace on your worksheet
253 Set the format of the text box
254 Manage relationships dialog window
255 The closure of your book depends on the value of a cell
256 Getting the full address of the cell along with the sheet / page in the listbox
257 Open the my documents folder
258 Output macro
259 Hide number of columns from 1 to 26
260 If active cells are numerical (number) and greater than 500, make thick
261 Date format of column in listbox
262 Automatically filter excel sheet via userform
263 Clock date functions
264 Transition from multisheet / page to sheet / page
265 Calculate the duration of the mp3 file (type the file path and select that cell)
266 Delete a macro using code
267 Row  add copy sort to get subtotals.
268 Api that finds which key is pressed
269 Let macro run when cell value changes
270 Open the text box with the button to transfer data.
271 Delete the active sheet / page without warning and restore the warning
272 Recording and running the macro at boot
273 Row sorting
274 Color active cells
275 Write to cell e10 to scroll right to left
276 Warn if the format is incorrect.
277 Repeated registration warning
278 Auto macro every 10 seconds
279 Performance test
280 A macro that automatically deletes the following month-old sheet / pages before moving to the new month when the specified month is over
281 Userform at bottom right
282 Adding characters to the end of the formula
283 Import file
284 Delete all images in the book
285 Web options files dialog window
286 Frees table
287 Filter by font color in cell
288 Hiding formulas
289 Comboboxta clock format
290 Sound when you enter letters in textbox
291 Run macro at desired hour and minute 2
292 Copies active sheet / page email
293 To run a macro in another book over a network
294 Conditional formatting for 9 different values
295 Encrypt the whole book-you give the password
296 Identify and select only empty cells in the selected area
297 If you start vba, open the vba library and use the sheet / page to skip 7 columns
298 Enter formula and convert code to cell
299 Find command
300 Delete files dialog window
301 Write the number you want to be colored on the sheet / page in msgbox
302 Im opening an excel file with vb code, but running the macro in this excel file
303 Show hidden description (select cell)
304 Omission
305 Limit the number of userforms open (demo)
306 Show data in cell in txtbox 2
307 Makes the last digit of the number in the cell 0 (zero)
308 Finding a birthday
309 Print the entire workbook
310 Label ranges insert window
311 Assign a macro to a cell
312 Closing a workbook without warning
313 Remove the sheet / page protection password
314 Sort sheet / pages a to z
315 Delete cells that are the same as the macro
316 A macro that gives information to different cells based on the given value
317 Creates a directory as if we were creating a folder
318 Standard width dialog window
319 Combine textboxes in a single textbox
320 Multisheet / page ground color
321 Framede address information
322 Color counting
323 Do not save if the entered data is the same
324 Userforms title moves
325 Multisheet / page switching
326 Calculating uncalculable formulas (use this if you type a formula but cannot calculate it)
327 New web query import window
328 Comboboxta
329 Destroy new rows (created with alt + enter) in selected cells, remove
330 Started tripping
331 Formulated cell deletion
332 Collect columns a b write cye
333 Automatic opening of combobox.
334 Shrink the area used in excel and allow operation on only the desired cells
335 Message box samples
336 Finds data
337 How many jpg files are in the folder?
338 Closing userform with esc
339 Register codes comparing first and last name
340 If you say your macros are hidden
341 Finds the last day of the month writes to the active cell
342 Conditional deletion with macro
343 Border dialog window
344 Checking whether the message is empty
345 Protecting the active sheet / page in double-click
346 Printing a message to the excel helper
347 How do i make a change to alt + enter code?
348 Make the workbook full-screen
349 Lists all macros in macros in excel files in a folder of your choice
350 Delete files
351 Creates a folder named test in c
352 Merge two separate columns with data
353 Importing data from a listbox column
354 Inserts the date and time when data was entered into the cells where data was entered on the active sheet / page as a comment
355 Sort sheet / page names from z to a
356 Prints the name of the workbook and active sheet in the active cell
357 Dialog window
358 Textbox and combobox
359 Spark inserting line dialog window
360 Show changing cells
361 ; a to z order / letter order by name of sheet / pages
362 Learn the latest registration date at opening
363 Automatic collection process
364 Window size dialog window
365 Sorts words with commas
366 Right mouse forbidden on active sheet / page
367 Column width dialog window
368 Print all sheet / pages with one button in excel sheet
369 Making demo program
370 Opening a word document
371 Making a hold macro in the status bar
372 Use double quotes (") character when writing notes in macro
373 Gallery bar dialog window
374 Computer name
375 Delete all empty rows in column
376 Listboxing if the information in the combobox is equal
377 2 move data between listboxes
378 System report
379 Exit procedure
380 Define style dialog window
381 Convert formulas in selected cells to value 2
382 Filter 2 date ranges in comboboxes listbox
383 Import only full cells into listbox
384 Dividing the given number into groups
385 Floppy formatting
386 Copy-paste blocking
387 Counting voices in textbox
388 Colorize columns differently (each column is the same color, but each row is different color. )
389 Input data into cell with inputbox
390 Learn plugins by message
391 Gallery custom dialog window
392 Extracts from column a to be unique
393 Go window
394 Find how many formulas are in the selected field and select all cells containing the formula
395 Calculation of the total number of cells selected
396 Name manager dialog window
397 Creates folder with book name save each sheet / page separately
398 Highlight unique values: these codes will highlight all cells with a unique value in the selection.
399 Deletion of cell contents
400 Deletes empty rows in column a and pulls up
401 Double-click to add the date and time to the comment
402 Select the sheet / page to the left and right of the active sheet / page
403 I want to delete duplicates (may delete rows)
404 Userform to userforma
405 Repeated cancellation of combobox
406 Change sheet / page names wholesale
407 Â graphics use these vba codes to manage graphics in excel and save a lot of time. & nbsp; change chart type: this code will help you convert the chart type without using the chart options on the tab. All you need to do is specify which type you want to convert. & nbsp; the following code converts the selected chart to a clustered column chart. There are different codes for different types, where you can find all these types.
408 Apply names dialog window
409 If the cells are not hollow, add a semicolon (;) to the end of the text in the cell.
410 Change the name of the font in the cell
411 Inputbox filtering and deleting filtered
412 Double-line message box 2
413 Convert date to years: this code converts dates into the year of the month.
414 Closed book ontime
415 Opening excel documents read-only
416 Draw a box / shape in excel
417 Pivot tables data iteration
418 Cell column selections
419 To call a macro from within a macro 2
420 If more than 2 characters are written in textbox, the other textbox will send a message.
421 Cell protection window
422 A byi compare the same ones cye different ones dye
423 Display the "save as" box and save as (dialog window)
424 File search
425 Fetch the value of a cell on that sheet / page without opening the sheet / page
426 If there is value in the active cell it writes to a17
427 Search for a text / text in all open excel files
428 Add-ons window
429 Hides all rows and columns
430 Select red number and write to g12
431 Dtpicker le current date
432 Data that you type into the texbox in your userform is simultaneously printed to cell a2 in your excel worksheet
433 Write the difference between two hours in minutes format
434 Let the macro run when you type pir in column a
435 All letters lowercase (spelling order)
436 To determine the number just before the first font
437 Which day is the answer to the question which day
438 Export selected cells to text file
439 Hide-show column headings
440 Block cell drag enable
441 File backup
442 Returns the drive letter in the directory
443 The operation of different macros in response to the data entered in the cell in column 5
444 Which command activates a cell
445 Superimposition with cell a2
446 Scale dialog window
447 Column delete
448 To the top cell with enter on the sheet / page
449 Sheet / page protect unprotect
450 Format master dialog window
451 Double-click on the active cell to write the subtotal formula of the top rows
452 Converting alphabetical column tags numerically
453 Custom sort dialog window
454 Only printing cell a1
455 Password
456 Pivot table refresh
457 To the code section of the userform
458 Is there such a sheet / page name in the excel file?
459 Dictionary codes
460 Print hidden sheet / page
461 Beep every second
462 Displaying the sum of any column values ​​in the listbox in the textbox
463 A cell that we want to be active when pressed
464 Highlight the maximum value in range: controls all selected cells and is highlighted by the maximum value of the cell.
465 Chart type dialog window
466 Blinking effect
467 Desktop icon creation
468 Converting number / number to text function (turkish)
469 Create your own extensions and functions in excel
470 Does the macro work on the hidden sheet / page
471 Copy cells as an image object
472 Update a pivot table
473 Calculate the sum of cells with only a certain cell color
474 Easy menu with right mouse
475 Put the calendar on the sheet / page (change year)
476 Key in the inbox
477 Book opening macro by date (does not open the book if the specified date has passed)
478 Copy a line to another sheet / page
479 Data scrolls
480 Enable a1 reference style: this macro code will help you enable the a1 reference style without using the excel options.
481 Save the sheet / page to the desired location with the name in cell a1
482 How to determine if selection does not have adjacent rows
483 Textboxa only number
484 Floppy labeling
485 Show all hidden worksheets: also if you want to hide all worksheets where you have hidden the previous code, your code is below.
486 Search for a driver
487 Without saving output
488 It doesnt delete even if a row is full in any column of the active row.
489 Save the book with the specified name
490 Enter full date and add weeks after and after that date as sheet / pages
491 Does the macro work on a protected sheet / page?
492 The data in the cell appears as a footer on the other sheet / page
493 Run a macro from a module in another workbook
494 Save as
495 Find the location of the open file
496 4 trading programs (simple)
497 User form waiting on the screen for a certain time and then close the user form
498 Use the esc key to
499 Create a user-defined menu / create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "extensions" section
500 Selecting tab and textbox content 2