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Free Macros
NoMacro Name
1 Hide empty columns
2 Dated backup
3 Excel crack
4 Encrypt the whole book-you give the password
5 Counts how many formulas exist on the sheet / page
6 If a1 is less than a3, it gives a message.
7 Userform auto sizing 2
8 Hides sheet / page2
9 Command from a form box to a list box
10 A1: a30 class name b1-b30 class 2 notation
11 Allow data entry and other operations only to cells that have been used so far
12 Assign protection to sheet / page tabs
13 Hold command
14 Collection with textboxes
15 Extract only numbers contained in a text
16 Is there an excel file or not?
17 Gallery pie dialog window
18 Activate the sheet / page and enter a number in the active cell
19 Form automatically closes
20 Data between cells a1: af12 flashes
21 Macro running according to condition
22 View3d dialog window
23 Create slicer dialog window
24 Dialog window "evaluate formula"
25 Exit procedure
26 Scenario summary dialog window
27 Change the title of a book
28 Xls files in directory c
29 Place windows window
30 Use the esc key to
31 Format master dialog window
32 Saving excel file
33 Run any macro you want at boot
34 Cd on and off
35 Phone number format in textbox
36 Auto-play the desired macro at boot &
37 Search for a text / text in all open excel files
38 Numbers that are the same
39 Copy-paste blocking
40 Cancellation of print preview commands
41 Is the cell or region or shape or object selected? What kind of object is an object? Square or round or rectangular?
42 Goes to the sheet / page you want
43 If there is data on the selected cell, it selects them. Selects the first cell after the first empty cell.
44 The operation of different macros in response to the data entered in the cell in column 5
45 Include a workbook in an e-mail: after running this macro, it will open your default mail client and the attached active workbook as an attachment.
46 To determine the number just before the first font
47 Number / highlight cells that error in the entire worksheet: this code will help you to highlight and count all the cells you have made an error with. Just run this code and it will return a message containing the number error cells and will highlight all the cells.
48 Phone format in textbox
49 See buttons and numbers
50 Assign another command to the right mouse button
51 Convert
52 Error check dialog window
53 Sheet / pages protection
54 Dialog window "data verification"
55 A1: a10 collect message send total to a11
56 Show last names in cell 2 textbox
57 Convert day to day: if you have a date on your worksheet and want to convert all these dates into days, this code is for you. Just select the range of cells and run this macro.
58 Print-out a5 paper without preview
59 Autocorrect dialog window
60 Deleting selected row in listbox
61 Pivot table slicing links dialog window
62 Get data from combobox to listbox
63 Seriesy dialog window
64 Undo the last operation using a macro
65 Support dialog window
66 Transition from multisheet / page to sheet / page
67 Paste names dialog window
68 Vocal reading
69 Picture insertion window
70 Opening a web sheet / page
71 Enter formula in cell link to book
72 Friends textbox enter the text by pressing the enter key im doing a carriage return. But after each enter, i see that what can i do to prevent these squares that have formed [] frames in the cell
73 Userform perfect opening effect
74 Random numbering
75 Root file show
76 Makes 3 cells thick from bottom to bottom on active sheet / page
77 Goes to the top of the sheet / page
78 Dialog box without userform
79 Collecting / counting colored cells (how many cells in the color i want)
80 Spark inserting line dialog window
81 Count and message backwards from 10 in statusbar
82 Adds intermittent ones in column c
83 Dialog window
84 Calculator calls
85 Listboxing if the information in the combobox is equal
86 Error message in macro codes
87 I1: translates to 0 if data written in cells i13 is not equal to 0
88 Learn plugins by message
89 Is the size of a file in bytes?
90 Thousands separator in textbox 1
91 Self-closing book at 10 sec
92 Height of the next line after every 5 lines 5
93 Clears the contents of all textboxes
94 Statusbar1 show time
95 The cursor goes to textbox5 even if textbox6 or textbox7 is clicked when the cursor is in textbox4
96 Makes your table full screen
97 Empty cell at the bottom
98 Folder operations with vbs
99 Choose a drag down
100 Finds how many rows are selected
101 Whichever cell is full (a2: e2) write it to the other cell (a5)
102 Copy a line to another sheet / page
103 Commandbutton escapes not clicking anymore
104 Move sheet / pages from one book to another book
105 Specify row height and column width in cm
106 Book opening-copying-closing
107 Detection of a region named with the name manager / is there such a name given anywhere?
108 Errorbary dialog window
109 Print the user name in cell a1
110 Textbox uppercase turkish character problem
111 Processor sleep
112 Textbox cell sum printing
113 Convert selected cells to uppercase or lowercase with one click
114 Frees table
115 Constant values ​​to be assigned to combobox
116 Selects the first empty cell after full cells. (for columns. )
117 Deletes the top empty cells from the last full cell on the sheet / page
118 Put the calendar on the sheet / page (change year)
119 Gives the file extension
120 Open excel multiuser
121 Hide the desired column
122 Prints the active sheet / page
123 Email selected cells
124 Sheet / page names
125 Receive a message after each data entry
126 Capitalize the first letter of the words written in the textbox
127 Protects your worksheet, but auto-filters work
128 Zoom in / out and make selected cells visible
129 Creates a folder named test in c
130 A cell with a formula
131 Last recorded cell
132 Cells colorful flashes
133 Encrypted entry is a number from 0-254
134 100 button bar add remove
135 Can registration be prevented?
136 New dialog window
137 Send or bulk mail with outlook
138 Calculation of the total number of cells selected
139 Determine whether any range is assigned as a range name
140 Which day is the answer to the question which day
141 Type in cell and make your font bold
142 Find the last cell before a space in the row
143 Closing userform with esc
144 I want my file not to close with alt + f4 or by clicking x while my sheet / page is active
145 Transfer empty cells from column b to column a
146 Rounding formula in cells 2
147 Cell copy and paste
148 Show sheet / page tabs in cell
149 Open a form by sheet / page.
150 Pivot table options dialog window
151 Class module retrieval
152 Add a number to all numbers: you can also add a number to a series of numbers, such as multiply.
153 Displays a short path to sheet / pages
154 Select find additional or double ->
155 Inserts double zeros at the beginning of numbers entered in specific cells on the active sheet / page
156 Cursor skips empty cell
157 Open dialog window
158 Add to cell contents compare.
159 Selects from right to left if there are values ​​in 2 cells next to each other
160 Internet with internet explorer on sheet / page
161 Number of sheet / page prints with message box (prints even if the sheet / page is blank)
162 Text animation
163 Sheet / page protection and removal
164 Makes all selected cells 0
165 Add menu to file edit menu
166 Transferring data written to textbox to cell
167 Date collection subtraction error in textbox
168 Remove the sheet / page protection password
169 Add a formula to a cell
170 Date collection in textbox
171 Copying data from one sheet / page to other sheet / pages
172 Search combobox change
173 Creating value in inputbox
174 Close all workbooks at the same time: use this macro code to close all open workbooks. This macro code first checks and closes all workbooks one by one. & nbsp;if any of the worksheets are not saved, you will receive a message to save. "
175 A text box on a sheet / page
176 If you enter data between a1-a20
177 Prevents form drag
178 Column headers rc style and normal style
179 There are 3 text boxes on the userform and we want the value of textbox1 to be 2 and 3
180 Color the cell according to the words written in it
181 Inputbox double-line example
182 Selects the entire row containing the active cell.
183 Automatic capitalization at input in textbox 4 (for turkish character problem)
184 If the data entered is something other than the number, the user should warn the user again.
185 Highlight all cells in a worksheet with an empty but not visible field: some cells are sometimes empty, but have a single field. And so it is really hard to identify them. This code checks all the cells in the worksheet and will highlight all the cells with a single field.
186 Textbox can only enter digits-characters limited-empty
187 Adding and naming sheet / pages with inputbox
188 Convert numbers in cells to letters
189 Saving changes to column a time & date
190 Book title naming (caption)
191 Rounding formula in cells 3
192 Click on labele
193 Label properties dialog window
194 Column finds full cells and encapsulates print area
195 Find macro
196 Show the letters in the selected cell one by one
197 Special gluing options / format gluing design gluing formula gluing column width gluing transpose gluing
198 Calls the notebook
199 Warning message (anytime, anywhere)
200 Moving excel file into folder
201 A1: a10 makes cells thicker than 10 between
202 Is the cell visible or not?
203 Protects your worksheet works automatically filters
204 Reset textboxes in userform
205 Rename the additem in the listbox
206 Show all hidden sheet / pages
207 Commadbuton creation macro
208 Multisheet / pagee click macro work
209 Learning with classmodule
210 Find the previous full cell from an empty cell
211 Combobox vlookup
212 Dao from 2 dates
213 Save the workbook according to the value written in the cell and assign the value of that cell as the name of the excel book
214 Find file dialog window
215 Merge message
216 Layout chart type dialog window
217 Userform closing example ***** star
218 Formulated cell deletion
219 If data is present in cells a1: a5, b6: b10c1: c5 d4: d10 on all sheet / pages
220 Registration by date and sequence number
221 Return one or more values ​​in a macro
222 Retrieve data from an encrypted closed file
223 Userform to userforma
224 Replicates the formula downward in cell e2
225 Inputbox filtering and deleting filtered
226 Transfer to empty cell if cell is full
227 Receive a message with a macro
228 Opening rows with macro
229 Click on a1: b5 to open userform 2
230 Adding date to a1 when closing book
231 Double-click on active cell to add subtotal
232 Write to h1 from data in abcd column
233 Shortening of sentences / creating short sentences using the first letters of the words in a sentence
234 Date and time in a label
235 Multisheet / page encrypted switch
236 Opening all excel files with 85%
237 Gallery 3d bar dialog window
238 Added 7 lines between line 1 and line 2
239 Double-click column 2 to specify the row to add
240 Round number 2
241 Recording on the same
242 Deletes empty rows below the active cell
243 All selected cells are lower case (spelling)
244 Date and time backup
245 Make sheet / page names in excel file invisible
246 Enlarging
247 Subtract the active cell 1
248 New sheet / page with the name in a1 + there is the same warning
249 Gallery 3d surface dialog window
250 Rows and columns set in cm
251 Superimposition with cell a2
252 Open userform in another workbook
253 Selects the full cells around the active cell.
254 Excel fonts 2
255 Protect worksheet: you can use this macro code if you want to protect your worksheet. All you have to do is specify your password in your code.
256 Text to columns dialog window
257 If more than 2 characters are written in the textbox, it will switch to the other textbox
258 Run macro codes when you enter values ​​to a1
259 Disables the close button at the beginning of the userform (userform does not close when multiplied)
260 Show the cells column number or column letter
261 Number of full records
262 Close the file
263 Open and close notebook
264 Hides blank lines on a sheet / page
265 2 move data between listboxes
266 Select column to say the number of full data
267 Summer adds months to sheet / pages
268 Delete our file
269 Password before saving
270 Learning excel version
271 Txt who opened the file on what date
272 First letters in cell capital 2
273 Divides the text in the active cell into letters (divided by 3 characters into columns)
274 Shift the entire column of the selected cells.
275 Tab order dialog window
276 Select combine center
277 Informs you which sheet / page is active when you move from sheet / page to sheet / page
278 Only one view of data in the combobox
279 Run the macro in another book
280 Enter formula into cell
281 Let the macro work when it comes to cell
282 Watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
283 Detecting and selecting rows with single row numbers
284 Removes sheet / page protections (unencrypted)
285 Show all hidden sheet / pages
286 Copies the selected cell and transfers it to the word
287 Encrypted entry to workbook
288 Press userforma x as soon as the message arrives
289 Explorer opening
290 Individual selection of name-defined cells
291 Save as macro only save the specified sheet / page
292 Putting and removing protection on the active sheet / page
293 Full screen userform
294 Save as
295 Shut down the computer completely using a macro
296 True-false control on a given sheet / page
297 Calculate areas of shapes
298 To assign a value to another sheet / page without selecting a formulated cell
299 Writing a message to error 1
300 To run a macro in another book over a network
301 Automatic image fetch
302 Apply a1: h1 to other sheet / pages
303 Dialog window "setmdxeditor"
304 Opening windows help
305 Write to the bottom cell if the number of letters is more than 100 1
306 Sheet / page encryption and opening
307 Numbering
308 Display the formula in the cell / shows the english format of the formula in the cell
309 Delete edit dialog window
310 Double record blocking.
311 Sweep
312 Refresh information in pivot table 1
313 Application title
314 Sheet / pages showing userform (with code without form)
315 Select all sheet / pages 2
316 Wmi system
317 Prevent deletion of formulated cells
318 A1 will always meet in a2
319 How many times has the file been opened
320 First letter capital others small (spelling)
321 Getting thundername in userform
322 Annotate
323 Dialog window "set tuple editor in columns"
324 Sorting sheet / pages alphabetically
325 Converts the number in the cell to lower or upper case and normal. H2o co2
326 Book opening (more than 1 file)
327 Wav ring
328 Find out which sheet / pages are protected
329 Selects from a1 to data cell
330 How do i display only the working part of the sheet / page i am working on
331 Customization of toolbars remains in the file menu
332 Adds a new sheet / page named month and year, together with the data a1: a5
333 Object properties dialog window
334 If cell a1 is 1, the message box should start and write the excl.
335 Shortcut keys list
336 Copy the active sheet / page and open a new workbook and name it "newsheet / page" and paste the copied:
337 Add multiple columns: after running this macro, you will show an input box and you must enter the number of columns you want to insert.
338 Open connections dialog window
339 Breaking sheet / page protection
340 Color active cells
341 Application and book title setting
342 Add jpeg to sheet / page
343 Options migration dialog window
344 Selects everything including row column names cells
345 Double-click the address in the listbox and close the form2
346 Alarm clock
347 Leaves 1 of the same ones in column a and queues
348 Names of all commandbars and their turkish equivalents
349 Selects all cells in the worksheet.
350 Macro corresponding to etopla formula
351 Show data in cell in txtbox 1
352 Beep
353 Enter number in textbox see result in label
354 Numeric code of the background color of the cell
355 Love the one who moved. (unmovable userform)
356 Font properties dialog window
357 Invalid warning message exiting userform with x
358 Border window
359 Index sheet / pages of sheet / pages inserting graphic sheet / page with message
360 Conditional macro
361 Cells detailed information (address)
362 Backup
363 Inserts any number of rows from the active cell
364 Find excel file hide
365 Module deletion
366 If you say your macros are hidden
367 Show all row columns
368 Digitize a cell
369 Randomly selects cells a1: a10:
370 A1 message if more than 10 characters
371 Inserts and deletes annotations with the date and time in the active sheet / page
372 Highlight alternative rows in selection: you can make your data easily readable by highlighting alternative rows. And you can use the following vba code for this. & nbsp; highlights each alternative row in the selected range.
373 Sum of numbers in listbox in textbox
374 Back all encrypted sheet / pages
375 Refresh all pivot tables: a super fast method to refresh all pivot tables. Just run this code and all your pivot tables in your workbook will be refreshed in a single pull.
376 Select empty cells
377 Capitalize each letter in selected cells on sheet / page
378 Tells the name of the button
379 Book backup
380 Folder opening
381 Copy all xls files from folder to sxs folder
382 Open window
383 Function wizard dialog window
384 Calculation as soon as you type textbox
385 Delete every 5 min without warning if there is data between a1: a3000
386 Print preview dialog window
387 Gallery donut dialog window
388 Toolbars reset
389 And deleting formulas for formulated cells on a sheet / page as comments
390 Find the number in the cell
391 The location of the userform.
392 Learn the version of your excel
393 Select full ones (row variable column fixed)
394 10 lines from 100 active cells
395 Separates the same ones in column a as sheet / page space
396 Hide file menu bar
397 Indis (index) function as vba code
398 Sort sheet / page names
399 Hiding
400 Data form opening
401 Column transfer order by deleting spaces ci
402 Gallery 3d area dialog window
403 Performance test
404 Deletes the top empty cells from the last full cell on the worksheet
405 Highlighted named ranges: if you are not sure how many named ranges are in your worksheet, you can use this code to highlight them all.
406 Assign a value to the cell at the specified distance from the active cell.
407 Userform 5 term userform-2
408 Nobody else save the file
409 Open file again
410 Timed macro ontime?
411 Extracts from column a to be unique2
412 To print a text from excel in excel
413 Warn if the format is incorrect.
414 Automatic expansion and contraction of column c
415 A1e force to enter date with vba
416 Dialog window "pivot table wizard"
417 Group window
418 Send list by excel
419 Close the active visual basic form
420 Select the cell around the active cell
421 A3 select 2 lines down and 2 lines side by side 5
422 Cancellation of menu and commands cannot be selected
423 Transfer from combobox to sheet / page
424 Prevents sheet / page deletion & naming
425 Label ranges insert window
426 Output macro
427 Make the visual basic project access trust checkbox true.
428 Column a auto_copy
429 Empty cells become green
430 Message
431 Which cell you want to go to by scrolling
432 The following are the codes that list the data on the report sheet / pages to the report sheet / page in the selected date range.
433 Say colored cells
434 Enter letters or numbers only
435 The name of your network connection
436 Selects full cells and converts them to uppercase
437 Opens sheet / page by month name and copies active sheet / page
438 Parsing dialog window
439 A1 to each data entry b1c1 respectively, always writes to the side column
440 List fonts with samples
441 Sequential sheet / page inserts
442 Forcing to enter the correct number with the inputbox
443 Timed userform 2
444 Move to another cell when you type a cell
445 Nam definitions given to cells
446 Add zero after a comma
447 Finds data
448 Finds formulas on active sheet / page lists new sheet / page
449 Entering the data in the listbox (ie without mouse)
450 The data that i specify as a folder filename
451 Enter numbers or values ​​in a cell
452 Copies and duplicates the active sheet / page with the active month name and year
453 Mouse click calculation
454 Enter formula and convert code to cell
455 Add save key to userforma
456 Window vertical splitting 2
457 Opens text file opens new book
458 Take a picture (printscreen)
459 Opening userform as closed
460 Beep every second
461 Delete data dialog window
462 Name manager dialog window
463 Calls sheet / page protection menus
464 Selecting empty lines by inputbox
465 Find function
466 Copies the abc column to the same directory txt file closes
467 Add menu to file edit menu
468 Define name window
469 Email inquiry in textbox
470 Codes that prevent the cursor from moving when the macro is running
471 Listing sheet / page names
472 Entering data in textbox cells
473 Count / highlight cells with a specific feature on the entire worksheet: this code will help you count the cells that have a specific value to mention, and then highlight all of those cells.
474 To ignore the error message
475 Toggle button creation and command
476 Lock userform 2
477 Copy picture window
478 Add comment to selected cell
479 Userformun crossed out message box with warning
480 ; a to z order / letter order by name of sheet / pages
481 Im opening an excel file with vb code, but running the macro in this excel file2
482 Remove characters from a directory: remove only characters from the beginning of a text string. All you need is to reference a cell or add a number of characters and text to the function to remove from the text string. There are two arguments,rng" for the text string andcnt" for the number of characters to remove. For example: 1 incnt if you want to remove the first characters from a cell;
483 Code collecting total formula one always
484 Hides empty rows in column c
485 Bounces from active cell to a sub cell
486 Highlight annotated cells: use this macro to highlight all cells that have comments.
487 Reset optionbuttons in userform
488 Options me dialog window
489 Fetch sheet / page name with function
490 Save as action
491 Get the warning you want wherever you want...
492 Line up to last line
493 Delete files
494 Force to enter data into textbox
495 Customize commands window
496 Active or passive command button according to the conditions
497 Does the macro work on the hidden sheet / page
498 Automatic custom footer and header information on sheet / pages
499 Single and multiple selection coloring on the entire sheet / page
500 Row of columns row of columns