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Free Macros
NoMacro Name
1 The data that i specify as a folder filename
2 Backs up the workbook
3 Cells colorful flashes
4 Cells are filled with colors according to the values ​​of the cell
5 10 lines from 100 active cells
6 10 sec message
7 Gallery 3d line dialog window
8 Delete window
9 Select all sheet / pages
10 Dyes empty cells between cells a1: a10
11 Sheet / page names in alphabetical order
12 Leaves 1 space between words
13 Save as and disable right click
14 Comboboxta clock format
15 Send mail with excel
16 2 move data between listboxes
17 Select cell
18 Finds formulas on active sheet / page lists new sheet / page
19 Change text dialog window
20 Show desired column
21 Opening a txt file
22 Return to userforma when you close print preview 2
23 Record on the same ones
24 Conditional deletion with macro
25 Selects from the active cell to the right
26 Delete that row if the data in column a and c are the same
27 A shortcut to find out how many people are on the list.
28 Msgbox when two cells have different formula results
29 Object protection dialog window
30 Protects formulated cells
31 Rename the additem in the listbox
32 Network printer also prints
33 Workbook encryption
34 Conditional formatting dialog window
35 Copy picture dialog window
36 Indenting
37 Add toolbars to combo box and select from there
38 Import the active cell into listbox and textbox (using spinbutton)
39 New workbook dialog window
40 Active cell printing
41 Generate random number 2
42 Close all forms showmodal false ones 1
43 Fully closed
44 Userformda calendar
45 How to remove sheet / page protection
46 Sort the days of the month into textboxes when you select the year in combobox1
47 Collection in textbox
48 A1: b5 click on the userform 1
49 Find the second or third (or appropriate order) word in a sentence
50 The number formatted in textbox appears in the same format in the cell
51 Learning the formula in a1
52 Let macro run if the value of cell a1 is lower than the value in cell a3
53 Output macro
54 Unhide dialog window
55 Userin title moves
56 Cell and column selections
57 Selected cells are colored
58 Hiding sheet / page tabs
59 Book backup to floppy disk
60 Cells fill in colors according to the cells values ​​on your worksheet
61 Informs you which sheet / page is active when you move from sheet / page to sheet / page
62 Userform dropdown in specified region
63 Optionally restricting excel sheet
64 Hide or show pivot table fields according to a specific criterion
65 Delete a set of rows
66 Reversing timer
67 Reading history as text to macro.
68 Insert a period between all three digits when entering textbox
69 We can close and save all open excel sheets.
70 Chart options data table dialog window
71 Every 50 rows also gets a total
72 Capitalize each letter in selected cells on sheet / page
73 Deletes names defined on the sheet / page
74 No warning when deleting sheet / pages
75 Gives message by hiding
76 Continuous flash example in excel
77 Delete gaps in the cell
78 Day date time in message box
79 Storing data as a report
80 Numbers and codes from a1 to b1
81 Coloring rows and columns
82 Cell
83 Highlight cells with wrong words: this code is for you if it becomes difficult to check all cells due to typos. It controls each cell in the selection and highlights the cell with a misspelled word.
84 Find command on all sheet / pages
85 Search for a text / text in all open excel files
86 Macro example of continuous flash
87 Determining whether the cell contains a numeric value
88 Turkish alphabetical sorting also sorts hidden sheet / pages
89 Prints with the name of your workbook when printing the sheet
90 Force to enter data into textbox
91 Transfer empty cells from column b to column a
92 Convert date to years: this code converts dates into the year of the month.
93 Color change when i come to the buttons with the mouse
94 Gallery pie dialog window
95 First sheet / page not appearing in listbox
96 If the active sheet / pages name is sheet / page1, dont close the file
97 Letter exchange
98 Detection of regional settings in excel: decimal separator day symbol and code that displays the day in a message box currency code
99 Prints the name of the active sheet / page in the active cell
100 Reads the name of the selected file
101 What week of the year (by formula)
102 Penny
103 Create list dialog window
104 Phone number format in textbox
105 Userformu full screen code 2
106 How many empty lines are added between active and full cells
107 Variable in listbox1
108 Changes color according to cell value
109 Selecting only numbers in the selected field (selecting only manually entered numbers without formulas)
110 Prevents sheet / page deletion & naming
111 Selects any data to the left of the selected cell. Selects the first cell after the first empty cell.
112 Only one of the jobs is running?
113 Run macro codes when you enter values ​​to a1
114 Increase active cell 1
115 Control of all attachments
116 Deletes the top empty cells from the last full cell on the worksheet
117 Capital letter in column c
118 I want it to work when i press f9
119 Remove all links in selected cells
120 View the codes of the desired macro
121 Edit color dialog window
122 The image on the form is empty when there is no contact picture in the file
123 Mail logon dialog window
124 Gallery donut dialog window
125 Column search
126 Gallery 3d bar dialog window
127 Dialog window
128 Data search with texbox
129 A1: a50 search names in textbox list in listbox
130 Combobox vlookup
131 Back all encrypted sheet / pages
132 Click on one of the abcd letters on the sheet / page to print the desired
133 History operations 2
134 Active cell notification
135 Selects sheet / pages, makes the same cells bold, and changes the font
136 Determine the area to be printed
137 Paste to the first blank line where data ends
138 A3 select 2 lines down and 2 lines side by side 5
139 Adjust or change column width and row height together
140 If the selected cell is a digit, 0 or a letter
141 Sheet
142 Select column select from given cell
143 Form closure
144 Displaying numbers in text
145 F2 enter function in excel
146 Adding menu
147 Moves to the selected cell
148 Run macro when sheet / page is activated
149 3 arrows right click when i can not delete it
150 Show you all the hidden sheet / pages in order to show you the message?
151 Calculating message in macro
152 Macro2 when cell is empty macro2 when full
153 Click on labele
154 Find the last cell and address it as a message
155 Move the mouse cursor
156 Calculation options window
157 Macro should not be opened after the date i want
158 Folder operations with vbs
159 Find macro
160 Disables row column headers
161 E1: collects e15 and writes a1e
162 Windows search window
163 Wav file playback 5
164 Average collection in labeller
165 Document inspector dialog window
166 Hide d1 if cell a1 is full show if empty
167 Printing sequence numbers to comboboxes
168 Colorize columns differently (each column is the same color, but each row is different color. )
169 To the top cell with enter on the sheet / page
170 Printing sheet / pages with data
171 Enable data entry & nbsp; form: excel has a default data entry form that you can use for data entry. And you can use this code to activate this user form.
172 Date of day in textbox
173 Deletes all sheet / pages except the active sheet / page
174 Row column hiding 2
175 Listing sheet / pages in the combobox and moving to the selected sheet / page
176 Auto collapse description of cells change color
177 Workgroup dialog window
178 Date subtraction
179 Convert formula to value
180 Sheet / pages with toolbars and menus
181 Object assignment dialog window
182 Change formula dialog window
183 Page preview normal view sheet / page layout view
184 Custom views dialog window
185 Run 1000 and enter the following code into cell a1
186 Adding characters to the end of the formula
187 Individual selection of name-defined cells
188 Options general dialog window
189 Sort sheet / pages a to z
190 Get total in listbox
191 3 x shaped warning messages
192 Translating all rows of selected cells.
193 Cell cleaning by cell
194 Hides all sheet / pages and shows the sheet / page you want and vice versa
195 Sheet / page naming
196 Deactivates the close button at the beginning of the userform (multiply the userform does not close)
197 Type the date of the file and calculate how many days have passed
198 Formula goto dialog window
199 Hide sheet / page
200 Â graphics use these vba codes to manage graphics in excel and save a lot of time. & nbsp; change chart type: this code will help you convert the chart type without using the chart options on the tab. All you need to do is specify which type you want to convert. & nbsp; the following code converts the selected chart to a clustered column chart. There are different codes for different types, where you can find all these types.
201 Opening userform hold 2
202 It does not delete even if a row is full in any column of the active row.
203 Select txt file to write to new excel sheet
204 Mail next letter dialog window
205 Reports the last full cells in columns on the desired sheet / page in the entire book
206 Resize all graphics on a worksheet: make all graphics the same size. This macro code will help you get all the dimensions of the same chart. You can change the height and width by changing graphics in macro code.
207 Open a form
208 Constant values ​​to be assigned to combobox
209 Delete all rows with column c blank
210 Index / table of contents
211 Auto-sizing userform
212 Warning messages 1
213 Adding two lines and removing total
214 Dialog window
215 Backup encrypting
216 To print a text from excel in excel
217 Goes to the sheet / page you want
218 Question and answer in inputbox
219 The last used cell in the workbook 1
220 The cursor goes to textbox5 even if textbox6 or textbox7 is clicked when the cursor is in textbox4
221 100 messages with the selected cell
222 Add-remove button
223 Group window
224 In the deletion of the last written sheet / page, type the following code in the exit button.
225 Opening a form with double click on textbox
226 Worksheetthis macro code will help you easily control and manage worksheets and save you a lot of time. Hide all except active worksheet: now if you want to hide all worksheets other than the active worksheet in your workbook, say. This macro code does this for you.
227 Backups and saves the workbook (to the current directory) --- per-author
228 If cell c1 is empty empty cell c4 if not empty value in cell c1
229 List of full cells in listbox
230 Average labeling
231 Capitalize sheet / page names
232 Alignment dialog window
233 Deletes blank rows in column a
234 Mandatory index
235 Number of all objects in userform
236 Selects from a1 to data cell
237 The line containing the active cell is colored
238 In the data message box in the cell 1
239 Clicking cell d2 expands the column where the cell is located and decreases when clicking another cell.
240 B3 type and collect 10 pieces
241 Save as macro only save the specified sheet / page
242 Reverse text: all you have to do is enterrvrse" in a cell and look at the cell that contains the text you want to reverse.
243 Textbox character restriction
244 Makes all selected cells 0
245 Identifying filled cells in the column of data
246 Dated copy
247 Column hiding conditional
248 Font dialog window
249 Show changing cells
250 Send mail dialog window
251 Delete a file on the computer
252 Records detailed formatted cells on the records sheet / page
253 Back up your file to the desired folder
254 Do sorting into protected cells?
255 Seriesy dialog window
256 Date collection subtraction error in textbox
257 Active or passive command button according to the conditions
258 Learn plugins by message
259 Automatic upper case input in textbox
260 Run macro every 5 seconds (message)
261 Transfer lines with spaces to another sheet / page
262 Print your userform
263 Hide the mouse cursor 2
264 Warn if other user is on
265 Selects filled columns c
266 Transfer from combobox to sheet / page
267 Book sheet / page minimization
268 Userform full screen
269 Array shape dialog window
270 Update connection dialog window
271 If the sheet / page is full, it will preview the fills in sequence and not show if they are empty
272 Closure of active and inactive books
273 Integer example in textbox
274 Copy-paste blocking
275 Pivot tables data iteration
276 Right-sided typing in textbox
277 Subtracts filled columns from 65536
278 Cut cancel & open copy
279 Dialog window "set tuple editor in columns"
280 Just select the cells used (region)
281 Name the cell write that cell sheet / page name o
282 Enter letters or numbers only
283 Highlight active row and column: highlight active row and column
284 Adding values ​​of cells of a particular color, for example, what is the sum of cells of yellow color?
285 Switch to sheet / page in multisheet / pageler
286 Calculate areas of shapes
287 Write folder path to cell b1 list xls files
288 Opening txt file with notepad
289 Changing the font size in the cell
290 List of sheet / pages starting from sheet / page 1 a1
291 Access to the internet as soon as your table opens
292 Adding decimal numbers in textbox
293 Multiplies what is written in inputboxes
294 Opentext dialog window
295 Finding the print area
296 Deleting all the codes we have written in the excel file
297 Find-delete-change-save codes
298 The background of cells a1: m8 flashes
299 Shutdown and restart the computer
300 Opening rows with macro
301 Sheet / page alphabetical sort hidden sheet / pages also sorts turkish character problem 2
302 Labela get value from desired sheet / page and cell
303 Give background color by number on active sheet / page
304 Penny in the textbox
305 Copy a formatted sheet / page when opening a new worksheet
306 Receiving messages after printing on the active sheet / page
307 Message or macro according to the value in the cell
308 Sort arithmetic from row or column
309 To break the sheet / page protection (use it if you forgot)
310 Dialog window "scenario cells"
311 Use double quotes (") character when writing notes in macro
312 Transformation of formulas in cells 2
313 Resolution finding
314 If cell a1 is greater than zero, let the macro run.
315 Sheet / page copy (copies the sheet / page with index name 2 c6 by deleting the buttons)
316 Double record blocking (macros solution)
317 Number of files
318 Add hyperlink dialog window
319 Date collection in textboxes
320 Clock format
321 Im opening an excel file with vb code, but running the macro in this excel file
322 Create a user-defined menu / create your own menu and assign a macro to them in the "extensions" section
323 Gathering multiple names under one name with spending
324 Show all pivot table fields
325 Cells detailed information (address)
326 All letters lowercase (spelling order)
327 Enumerates active toolbars
328 Assign tool dialog window
329 Just delete values ​​from the cell
330 Adding columns to different sheet / pages at once
331 Select cell values ​​with auto-color in specific table
332 Create a new sheet / page with the name in a1
333 Import form with macro
334 The selected region consists of how many different areas (squares)
335 Active default printer also prints
336 Currency format-currency in textbox
337 Only the print area down is selected even if there is only one cell
338 Password
339 Keycode
340 Show data in cell in txtbox 2
341 Retrieve data from closed files
342 Rounding formula in cells 1
343 Select red number and write to g12
344 User-defined function
345 Open excel file on network
346 Filtering by color in the cell
347 Userform 3 hides the close button on the top right of userform
348 Undo with macro
349 List the sheet / page by message you just write the number goes to that sheet / page
350 Report full textbox number
351 Add a formula to a cell
352 Watermark printing (faded font on sheet / page background)
353 Rounding in multiple cells
354 Add and delete menus
355 Close button in userform
356 Finding by sheet / page index number
357 Password
358 Delete name dialog window
359 Add a comment to a cell
360 Round number 3
361 Collects selected fields in status bar
362 Making demo program
363 Book name in the lower left corner of the custom footer sheet / page1
364 Does the macro work on a protected sheet / page?
365 Hide blank lines
366 First letters of textbox are capitalized
367 Convert formulas to value
368 If the form is full, get the second form and print
369 Toolbars reset
370 Draw a pie chart (pie chart using macro)
371 A3: prints data between cells f15
372 Book opening macro by date (does not open the book if the specified date has passed)
373 Double-click to go to the sheet / page i want.
374 Do not open excel file after a certain date
375 Frees table
376 Dialog window "analyze settings if pivot table is available"
377 Retrieve data from an encrypted closed file
378 Custom sort dialog window
379 If you say your macros are hidden
380 Remove one character from selection: you can use this code to remove a specific character from a selected cell. It will display an input box to enter the character you want to delete.
381 Hide the names of your sheet / pages
382 Ignore book title a1
383 Convert formulas in selected cells to value
384 Book backup
385 Draw borders across cells2
386 Double-line message box 1
387 Font size and thickness of the description
388 Uncheck optionbuttons
389 Highlight all cells in a worksheet with an empty but not visible field: some cells are sometimes empty, but have a single field. And so it is really hard to identify them. This code checks all the cells in the worksheet and will highlight all the cells with a single field.
390 Full screen normal screen
391 Clock in cell
392 Zoom in / out or reduce the active sheet / page to a certain size
393 Delete empty rows in column one by one
394 Workbook tab pane dialog window
395 Column finds full cells and encapsulates print area
396 Moves to the blank row below the last full row in the column
397 Find given value.
398 If action is performed in cell a1, cell a2 writes the modified date and time
399 Find the location of the open file
400 Square root of number
401 Printing and prompting
402 Collection with textboxes 2
403 Undergraduate program
404 Find window
405 Search the expression in the selected cell in excel
406 Click-to-listbox
407 Conditional macro
408 Copy and paste operations
409 Nobody else save the file
410 Userform 2 minimizing userforma and adding maximize button
411 Search find copy to other sheet / page
412 I want to throw the full cells in row with text between a1: an1000 into listbox
413 Blocking printing
414 Use the esc key to
415 What row
416 Learn the latest registration date at opening
417 Variety dialog window
418 Edit all dialog window
419 Grabs one form opens the other
420 Determine whether any range is assigned as a range name
421 Assigns date to the next line when data is entered in certain cells on the sheet / page
422 Decimal control
423 Hides rows whose totals are equal to zero
424 Assigning macros to the f9 key
425 Copy data to textboka
426 A macro that gives information to different cells based on the given value
427 Gaps in listbox and combobox
428 Sending queries to the internet
429 Returns the number of selected cells.
430 Reports that pivot table information is off update
431 Learning the time and date
432 Save to sheet / page by value in cell a
433 Automatic opening and operation of the macro
434 F8 key to macro on boot
435 Selects everything including row column names cells
436 A value in the combobox is already selected
437 Deletes the name of the cell
438 Alert message --- message after 100 beep
439 Cell counting
440 Input data into a1 with inputbox
441 Text to speech: just select a range and run this code excel will speak all the text in that range from the language of the cell.
442 Paste a1 into cell b1 let c1 go
443 Floppy labeling
444 Converting column letters to column numbers
445 Do not save if the entered data is the same
446 Index cells vba code
447 Find excel file hide
448 Copy and paste cell values ​​by shortcut
449 Open my documents folder with alt + f4
450 Selects any data to the right of the selected cell. Selects the first cell after the first empty cell.
451 Makes sheet / page horizontal and prints cell a1
452 Txt who opened the file on what date
453 List sheet / page names in excel file
454 Identify the letter label of a column
455 Draw line chart (line chart using macro)
456 Message samples
457 Hide menu bar and full screen
458 Com. Ver from the form box to the lis. Box
459 Eg if column 4 is executed, macro will run automatically
460 Copying codes
461 Remove the formula bar
462 Select and delete columns for a1b1c1d1 (delete with hold)
463 Button protection
464 Specifies the converted cells that converts uppercase to lowercase. (toggle)
465 Find and open excel files in file path
466 As soon as your table opens, you are on the internet:
467 Sparkline adding win loss dialog window
468 Sheet / page deletion by typing in inputbox
470 Protection protection menu
471 A macro that automatically deletes the following month-old sheet / pages before moving to the new month when the specified month is over
472 1. Pir copies 10 sheet / pages and adds. Pir
473 List of all macros
474 The selected cell in the entire book is colored yellow
475 Determine the width of the active transaction sheet / page
476 Print formula to cell
477 Open a form by sheet / page.
478 Pending message
479 Macro that finds the ip number
480 Reporting text in textbox as message
481 Selects the first empty cell
482 Resets all checkbuttons
483 Protection and removal 2
484 Moves to the last registered cell in column a
485 Color counting
486 Cell copy
487 Delete rows
488 Forms do not allow x to exit
489 Msg box alarm in 3 sec
490 Unlock a locked cell on a sheet / page with a double click
491 Clock in cell a1
492 A1: a10 compares c1: c10 and gives warning if the entered numbers are different
493 Transition options window
494 For quick information entry on any sheet / page
495 Hide and show active sheet / page external sheet / pages in double-click
496 Delete duplicate / duplicate rows
497 Add workbook dialog window
498 Makes the print area a3: f15 and selects and prints the line to repeat
499 Add sheet / page write name to inputbox
500 One cell bounces up from the active cell