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Write To A1 And Gather At B1

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1 Write to a1 and gather at b1
2 write value to another cell
3 Autofill formula to a region
4 Write numbers to a1: a5 and warns c1 if their total is less than 100
5 Write numbers to a1: a5 and warns c1 if their total is 100
6 Write numbers to a1: a5 and give warnings to c1 if their sum is not 100
7 Write E1 Cell and E15 Cells Total A1 E
8 write the days of this month to the right write the day to the child cell and color the weekends
9 write to the cell delete the range of data to be deleted (deletes from sheet / page1 and sheet / page2 on sheet / page1 to a2b2)
10 excel operators hk
11 return one or more values ​​in a macro
12 writes b1 date to b2
13 a1 to each data entry b1c1 respectively, always writes to the side column
14 finds the last day of the month writes to the active cell
15 Write folder path to cell b1 list xls files
16 Turkish mathematical terms
17 Write the latest data in column a to b1
18 whichever cell is full (a2: e2) write it to the other cell (a5)
19 Write to the bottom cell if the number of letters is more than 100 1
20 When you enter a value of a1 multiply by 10 write to a2